How Much Does It Cost To Zipline?

Ziplining is relatively inexpensive compared to other extreme activities like bungee jumping and skydiving. In the United States, you can expect to spend between $40 and $250 per person for a ziplining experience. Longer courses with multiple lines may cost around $80-100 per person. The cost of ziplining ultimately depends on factors such as the time of year, location, extremity, and popularity of the course.

The cost to build a professional zipline course is in millions. However, you can build a DIY zipline for $1000-$8000.

Zipline Prices Around the World 

  • United States: $80 – $200
  • Canada: $80 – $250
  • Costa Rica: $50- $180
  • Mexico: $35- $150
  • New Zealand: $70- $120
  • Brazil: $20- $180

Ziplining Charges: Per Person or Tour? 

Zipline Prices Around the World 

Ziplining is charged per person, with some tours offering reduced rates for large groups. It’s always a good idea to inquire about group discounts when booking your trip.

Factors Affecting Zipline Costs 

  • The number of lines: Tours with multiple lines typically cost more. Some zipline courses offer packages that allow you to try as many lines as possible.
  • Course size and height: Longer and higher courses are more expensive than smaller, lower ones. However, large courses are often more appealing to thrill-seekers and may be worth the extra cost.
  • Location: The area’s popularity and the views it offers can impact the price of a zipline tour. Tours to sought-after tourist destinations are generally more expensive.
  • Time of year: Booking your ziplining tour during a less popular time for tourism may result in better rates.
  • Type of venue: Expect to pay more for ziplining at resorts, zoos, or casinos than at parks. Sometimes, you may also need to pay admission fees for the venue before paying for your zipline experience.

Personal Equipment and Season Passes 

While zipline courses provide the necessary harness and gear, you can purchase a personal harness for $180 to $200. If you zipline often, consider investing in a season pass, which typically costs $200-$600, depending on the location. This can help you save money in the long run.

Additional Services 

The price of ziplining may also depend on any additional services you opt for, such as photography, lunch, coffee, or pick-up and drop-off services.

Price Comparison: Indoor vs. Outdoor Zipline

Price Comparison Indoor vs. Outdoor Zipline

Indoor and outdoor ziplining experiences offer different levels of excitement and come at different price points. Here’s a quick overview of their respective costs:

Indoor ziplining: Ranging from $10 to $30, indoor ziplining and ropes courses are more affordable than outdoor ziplining. However, they may be considered less extreme and thrilling than their outdoor counterparts.

Outdoor ziplining: Typically starting at $50 and going up to over $300, outdoor ziplining courses offer a more exhilarating experience. In the United States, many outdoor ziplining courses cost at least $80, more than triple the cost of indoor ziplining.

For example, a zipline facility that offers a 9-line zip and a full ropes course with 2 ziplines may charge $100-$150 for the zipline and $60 for the ropes course, with a deal offered for both experiences.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Ziplining? 

Discounts for ziplining can often be found for kids, seniors, and weekday bookings. Some ways to save on ziplining costs include the following.

  • Kids rates: Usually apply to children under 10 years old, with courses charging around $50 for kids and $80 or more for adults.
  • Weekday bookings: Booking your weekday trip may yield a discount in certain locations.
  • Local tourism services or concierge: Booking through these services might provide you with a lower rate.
  • Group discounts: Bundling your ziplining appointment with a group of friends could result in a lower rate per person.

Cost Comparison: Ziplining vs. Bungee Jumping vs. Skydiving 

Cost Comparison Ziplining and. Bungee Jumping vs. Skydiving

The costs can vary significantly when comparing ziplining to other adrenaline-fueled activities like bungee jumping and skydiving. Here’s a quick cost comparison:

  • Ziplining: Usually costs between $40 and $200, with some rare cases exceeding $200 in the United States.
  • Bungee Jumping: Prices vary widely, from as low as $40 per jump to over $500, depending on the location.
  • Skydiving: Typically more expensive than ziplining, with some jumps costing $200 or less. However, acquiring a solo skydiving license requires additional courses and preparation, costing up to $3,000.

Best Ziplines in US and Starting Prices

  • Zip-Zilla (Zipline) at Fremont Street, Vegas: $54 per person
  • Big Island Zipline Over KoleKole Falls: From $209.95
  • 8 Lines Jungle Zipline Tour on Maui – Eco Tour: From $155.00
  • New Orleans Zipline Swamp Tour: From $ 89.00
  • 7-Line Maui Zipline Tour on the North Shore: From $153.12
  • Koloa Zipline in Kauai: From $166.49
  • Fly LINQ Zipline at The LINQ, Las Vegas: From $48.51
  • Zipline Tour On Oahu’s North Shore: $192.93
  • Rocky Mountain Zipline Adventure: $139.09
  • 7-Line Zipline Experience in Sevierville: $119.00
  • The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde: $55.00
  • 5 Line Jungle Zipline Eco Adventure: $134.00
  • Big Island Zipline Adventure – 2 1/2 hours: $185.34
  • Adventureworks Ziplines at Nashville West: $60.52
  • 9-Line Zipline Experience on the Big Island, Hawaii: $218.85
  • Denali Park Zipline Adventure: $154.99
  • Zipline Adventure through Tuscawilla Park: $53.00
  • Big Island Kohala Canopy Zipline Adventure: $225.13
  • Small-Group 7-Line Zipline Activity at Sevierville Nature Park: $76.92
  • Kualoa Ranch – Jurassic Valley Zipline: $174.95
  • AdrenaLine Kauai Zipline Tour: $166.49
  • Wetland Zip Tour: $65.49
  • 12-Zipline Adventure in the San Juan Mountains near Durango: $149.99
  • Great Woodsman Zipline Canopy Tour Branson: $96.60
  • Denali Zipline Tour in Talkeetna: $468.922
  • Big Island 9-Line Zipline Experience Plus Kayaking Tour: $307.85
  • Mountaintop Zipline 2-Hours Activity: $109.95
  • 6 Dual-Zipline Mountain Adventure in Maui: $229.99
  • 6-Zipline Adventure in the San Juan Mountains near Durango: $139.09
  • Rainforest Zip, Skybridge & Rappel Adventure in Ketchikan, AK: $205.00
  • New River Gorge Zip Line Canopy Tour: $114.11
  • Granite Via Ferrata Climbing Experience in Buena Vista: $134.00
  • Big Island Kohala Zip and Dip Tour from Kona: $313.09
  • 8 Line Ka’anapali Zipline Adventure on Maui: $213.49
  • Ziplining across the Beautiful Gallatin River: $89.00
  • Zip Line Adventure over Tampa Bay: $86.90
  • Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park: 1$20.00
  • Stoney Creek Canopy Adventure: $168.92
  • Zip Line Tour at Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Sedona, Camp Verde: $119.95
  • 6-Line Zip at Night Tour: $71.79
  • Ziplines/Adventure Tower (60′ Tower Jump, 40′ Skyswing) & Tico Time Day Pass: $86.00
  • Superman Zipline Tour in Morningside: $66.75
  • Haleakala 5 Line Zipline Adventure: $155.49
  • Zipline Canopy Tour: $42.80

Please note that prices may change from time to time; expect higher prices during high demand and holidays. Moreover, some centers may be temporarily closed due to maintenance or bad weather. Make sure you contact customer service before planning your visit.

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