How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Phone Screen?

The cost of fixing a phone screen varies depending on several factors, such as the phone model, the extent of the damage, and whether you choose to use an authorized repair center or an independent repair shop. Here are some rough estimates:

For a popular flagship phone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you can expect to pay between $100 and $350 for an official repair. The cost may be lower for older models or higher for newer models.

If you choose an independent repair shop, the cost can range from $50 to $200, depending on the phone model and the shop’s pricing.

If you are comfortable with DIY repairs and have the necessary tools and skills, you can purchase a replacement screen and fix it yourself. This can cost between $20 and $150, depending on the phone model and the quality of the replacement screen.

Remember that these are rough estimates, and the actual cost may vary. Always check with the repair center or shop for a specific quote. Additionally, if your phone is still under warranty or you have insurance, the screen repair cost may be partially or fully covered.

Fix A Phone Screen

Top Phone Models and Screen Repair Cost

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: $250 – $350
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max: $300 – $400
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro: $250 – $350
  • Samsung Galaxy A54: $100 – $150
  • OnePlus 11: $150 – $250
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro: $200 – $300
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus: $200 – $300
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: $500 – $700 (due to the complexity of the folding screen)

Factors that Affect Phone Screen Fixing Cost

Phone Brand and Type

The brand and model of your phone can significantly impact the screen replacement cost. Flagship devices or premium models from popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Google tend to have higher repair costs due to the advanced technology and higher-quality components used in these phones. For example, replacing the screen on an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max or Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might cost between $250 to $400, while repairing a mid-range or budget device, like the Samsung Galaxy A54 or OnePlus Nord, might cost between $100 to $150.

Damage Type

The extent and type of damage can also affect the screen replacement cost. A simple crack on the screen’s surface might be less expensive than a completely shattered screen or a screen with damage to the underlying display components, like the digitizer or the LCD panel. More extensive damage may require additional parts and labor, increasing the repair cost.

Damage Type

Phone Repair Service Type

The type of repair service you choose can also impact the cost of screen replacement. Authorized repair centers, such as Apple or Samsung service centers, tend to charge more than independent repair shops. However, they generally use original manufacturer parts and have trained technicians who can offer better quality repairs and ensure your warranty remains intact. Independent repair shops usually charge less, but the quality of parts and the technicians’ expertise might vary.

Protection Plan/Insurance

Having a protection plan or insurance for your phone can reduce or even eliminate the screen replacement cost, depending on your policy’s coverage. Some plans, like AppleCare+ for iPhones or Samsung Care+ for Samsung devices, cover screen replacements for a reduced service fee, typically lower than the standard repair cost. Other insurance plans might cover the full cost of the repair, subject to a deductible. Reviewing your protection plan or insurance policy to understand the coverage and any limitations is essential.

DIY or Professional Phone Screen Replacement: Which is Better, Cheap, and what you should pick?

Both DIY and professional phone screen replacement have their pros and cons. Which option is better for you depends on your experience, available tools, and your budget. Here’s a comparison of the two options.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Phone Screen Replacement


  • Cheaper: DIY repairs are typically cheaper as you only need to purchase the replacement screen and possibly a few tools. The cost can range from $20 to $150, depending on the phone model and the quality of the replacement screen.
  • Learning experience: If you’re interested in electronics and repairs, this can be a valuable learning experience and a chance to acquire new skills.


  • Risk of damage: Without the proper experience and tools, you risk damaging your phone further or voiding the warranty, which can lead to additional repair costs.
  • Time-consuming: Repairing your phone screen can be time-consuming, especially if you’re new to it.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Phone Screen Replacement

Professional Phone Screen Replacement


  • Expertise: Professional repair centers have trained technicians with experience working with various phone models and can perform the repair efficiently and correctly.
  • Warranty protection: Using an authorized repair center ensures that your phone’s warranty remains intact, and some repair centers offer warranties on their work.


  • More expensive: Professional repairs can be more expensive, ranging from $50 to $700, depending on the phone model and repair center.
  • Wait time: You may need to wait for an appointment or for the repair to be completed, which could be inconvenient if you rely on your phone daily.

Professional Phone Screen Replacement

Which is better: Replace the Screen or Sell and Buy a New Phone?

Deciding whether to replace the screen or sell and buy a new phone depends on various factors, including the age of your current phone, the extent of the damage, the cost of the screen replacement, and your budget. Here are some points to consider when making your decision:

Replace the Screen

Cost-effective: If the damage is limited to the screen and your phone is relatively new or performs well, replacing the screen can be cost-effective. It allows you to extend the lifespan of your current device without investing in a new phone.

Environmental impact: Repairing a device instead of buying a new one reduces e-waste and is a more environmentally friendly choice.

Replace the Screen

Sell and Buy a New Phone

Upgrading: If your current phone is old or showing signs of wear, selling it and buying a new one can provide you with a better user experience, more advanced features, and improved performance.

High repair cost: If the cost of repairing your phone screen is high or there are other damages besides the screen, it might be more economical to sell your damaged phone and invest in a new one.

Sell and Buy a New Phone

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help make the decision.

  • How old is my current phone, and does it still meet my needs regarding performance, battery life, and features?
  • What is the cost of the screen replacement compared to the cost of a new phone?
  • Are there any other damages or issues with my current phone that might require further repairs in the near future?
  • Is my current phone still under warranty or insured, which could cover the screen replacement cost?

In summary, replacing the screen can be a better choice if your current phone is relatively new and still meets your needs, and the repair cost is reasonable. However, if your phone is old, has additional damages, or has a high repair cost, it might be worth selling and investing in a new phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a phone screen repair take place?

The duration of a phone screen repair depends on various factors, such as the availability of replacement parts, the technician’s expertise, and the repair’s complexity. Generally, a straightforward screen replacement can take 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

However, it might take longer if the damage is more extensive or requires additional repairs. It’s also worth noting that authorized repair centers or busy repair shops might have long wait times due to high demand. When scheduling your repair, asking for an estimated time frame is a good idea.

When should you replace your phone’s broken screen?

You should consider replacing your phone’s broken screen if

  • The damage affects the phone’s usability, making it difficult to read the display, use touch functions, or navigate the interface.
  • The cracks or damage pose a safety risk, such as sharp edges that could cut your fingers or cause further damage to the internal components.
  • The phone is otherwise in good working condition, and the screen replacement cost is reasonable compared to purchasing a new phone.
  • Your phone is still under warranty or insured, which could cover the screen replacement cost.

However, if the phone is old, has additional damages, or the repair cost is high, it might be more economical to sell the damaged phone and invest in a new one.

Will I lose my data if I replace my phone screen?

Typically, replacing a phone screen should not result in data loss. The repair process usually involves removing the broken screen and installing a new one without affecting the phone’s internal storage where your data is stored. However, there is always a small risk of data loss or corruption due to unforeseen complications during the repair.

To safeguard your data, it’s highly recommended that you back up your phone before taking it in for repair. This way, you can restore your data if anything goes wrong during the repair process. Most smartphones offer built-in backup options through cloud services, such as iCloud for iPhones or Google Drive for Android devices, or you can use a third-party backup solution.

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