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Oh, Sister, welcome home. Lullaby for Tricia

My friend Buffy has introduced me to a variety of interesting ideas, including concepts such as soul groups and reincarnation. (And no, the term "soul groups" here is not intended to refer to the kind of music acts who recorded under the Motown label during the 1960s, at least not necessarily. 'Kay?)

As I understand it, my soul group includes each of those people with whom I have an especially-close relationship in this life, good or bad, but each relationship has longevity that seemingly transcends my current lifetime.

I still have my doubts about reincarnation (in this lifetime at least, I have my doubts). But there's no denying the reality of feeling that I've known some of my loved ones since the beginning of Forever.

It turns out that a majority of the women in what I imagine to be my soul group are, at least in this incarnation, Sagittarians. And among the first of these souls to reconnect with me in this cycle is my Dear Sagittarian Sister, Tricia Ann.

I wrote the following song for Tricia 'bout a b'zillion years ago, at a time when too much negative energy was converging on her lifeforce. Bless her heart.

Things, I think, are much better now. Bless her heart.

Read the lyrics below or check out the Lead Sheet. BD

Thin Line

Lullaby for Tricia
Words and Music by David R. Lister

When it seems your only friend
Is the lonely whisper in the wind
That comes in from the waves out on the ocean
To move the thoughts around your mind
Till the faces, places, and the times
All seem like faded films seen in slow-motion:
Oh, Sister, welcome home

Oh, My Sister, welcome home

You want to cry but you have to laugh
While thumbing through those photographs
At last, the past looks little like the future
And when you see that we were blind
Please remember sight is not always kind
In fact, the act of seeing can be torture
So, Sister, welcome home

Oh, My Sister, welcome home

Tonight, tonight
Close your eyes, Babe
Everything's alright

Tonight, tonight
Gonna take you back home, Babe

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