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BD - Basic Training Can You Come Home To Me?

I believe this song is among the earliest of my attempts at songwriting to be represented here, among the pages on this wonderful Web site. Oy!

Of the first hundred-or-so songs I wrote, I wisely chose to throw away approximately three-quarters of them due, entirely, to their sounding like... well, like crap. But, hey, that was all part of my learning process. So having written them was beneficial, having discarded them was mature. (To those of you who would suggest that I consider throwing the remainder of my songs away, well, I would remind you that beauty is in the eye or, as in this case, the ear of the beholder. That is why we have such a wide variety in the kinds of music created in our world. And I'm just referring to humans now, past and present, not to all the other sorts of creatures that make music on this planet. So there!)

Anyway,... I wrote Can You Come Home To Me? a b'zillion years ago, when I was just beginning to learn the craft of songwriting. Although I have found the lyrics to be an embarrassment to me for a range of reasons (many of which have nothing to do with songwriting), I did not throw this particular song away because I still liked the melody. It's been on one of my copious To-Do lists to, just maybe, write new lyrics for the tune someday. But I don't have the time or feel the inspiration to attempt that right now. Okay!?

So, even though I'm printing the lame lyrics below, it's fine by me if you just skip straight to listening to the homemade MP3 demo recording. No embarrassing words to listen to, just a nice little instrumental Jazz swing ballad. Hotcha!

And so it goes.

And so I go.

Read the lyrics below. (Or not. Like I said, they're kinda lame.) Or check out the Lead Sheet for both words and music. But better still, listen to the instrumental.


PS: Okay, having read the lyrics again, I realize that I did rewrite them considerably at some now-forgotten time (or times). Imagine that. Although there are still lines that need further rewriting, or complete replacement altogether, the lyrics don't suck nearly as much as I originally remember them doing. Go figure. Still, until I get around to reworking the words yet again, I'm glad I chose to make the recording instrumental-only for now. And besides, the song is written to be sung by a female voice. It's like in the movies when the guy opens the letter to read, but we hear the female voice-over speaking the words that she allegedly wrote to him. Subtle? No, but it is what it is. So there! BD

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Can You Come Home To Me?
(Her Lonely Letter from Stateside)
Words and Music by David R. Lister

Honey, I do love you
It's only I'm so lonely and blue
I long to be cuddled and kissed
Sometimes it's so hard to resist
Open arms, closer than yours

Lover, I'm true to you
Just trust me, I must see this through
I'm spending my nights all alone
I'm writing you 'cause I can't phone
Where you are, so far away

Baby, maybe you can understand
Sometimes I need someone to hold my hand
It's hard to live without a loving man
Can you come home to me?

Honey, I do love you
It's only I'm so lonely and blue
I need to be fondled and kissed
I crave all the love that I've missed
Can you come home to me?

Can you come home to me?
Home to me

Can You Come Home To Me.MP3

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