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Funky Closet Freak Blues Funky Closet Freak Blues

This song was written for the soundtrack of an animated short that I created as an undergrad Radio-TV-Film student at Indiana State.

The star of my film was a 5-foot-tall inflatable vodka bottle a marketing display item that a clerk at the local liquor store had given me during one of my regular visits for some more Demon Rum. My production assistant (and then-wife) Ruth and I anthropomorphized the bottle with a wig, hat, Groucho nose-and-glasses, necktie, jacket, and gloves. Hotcha! Thus was born "Vodka Man."

Vodka Man came to life through use of pixilation film techniques, puppetry, and some hilariously-cheesy homemade special effects. His stoned vision sequence was realized through 2D cut-paper animation techniques.

The soundtrack for "Funky Closet Freak Blues" was recorded on a separate film, SOF, that was projected simultaneously with the Vodka Man animation during presentation. Performers for the soundtrack were Donnie Wayne Morris, Deanna Kay Pigg, the aforementioned Ruth Anne James Lister, and yours truly.

The film's storyline is pretty much covered in the lyrics below. Oh, and when this song was first written, the word "freak" was common slang among dope-smokers to refer to... uh... dope-smokers.

When I recall the image of Vodka Man taking a big hit off a bong, I think of a line from the film "Songwriter." In response to having been called an alcoholic by Rip Torn, Kris Kristofferson's character says something like, "The only reason I drink to excess is so people will stop calling me a drug addict."

Vodka Man would say the inverse of that statement, of course, if only he could come out of the closet with regard to his recreational drug use.

Read the lyrics below, check out the Lead Sheet for words and music, or listen to the homemade song demo MP3 (as sung by me, not by Vodka Man). BD

Thin Line

Funky Closet Freak Blues
(Title Song for an Animated Film by Brother Dave)
Words and Music by David R. Lister

I work five days a week as a professional alcoholic
I come home run-down and so melancholic
So hung-up and hung-over, Honey, I can hardly speak

But then I doff my hat, I slip on my wig
I do all those kinky things that hippies dig
My God! It's odd, but I love bein' a closet freak
Which is not to say that I freak out on closets

Oh, when I cannot cope
Here at the end of my rope
I just take one more toke
Of some fantastic and illegal smoke
And then drift in dreams
Of what life really means
I could just cream my jeans
Till the last hit gets me and I start to choke
(Cough, cough, cough)
My God! It's odd, but I love bein' a closet freak
And that's no joke

My God! It's odd, but I love bein' a closet freak


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