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Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong ...The Competitive Edge

The full title for this song is "Come On, Buddy, Come Down from that Ledge, 'Cause Now You Can Have The Competitive Edge." So you could even sing that, if you wanted to.

I wrote and scripted this song to be used as a music video under the end credits of the 5-program "InnerViews" series that I had written for JIST Works, Inc. (The series still sells well. If you've ever been in a class or program that focused on self-directed job search, perhaps you've seen the videos and heard the song. Quote: "An outstanding series of five job search how-to videos ... In today's economic climate, this is a must-have addition to every community and university video library collection."—Bookwatch)

I sometimes sing and play guitar for my own amusement, but I do not consider myself to be a singer or a musician. (Nor have I ever been falsely accused as being such by others who have at some time found themselves haplessly and helplessly within earshot. Bless their hearts.) So as I recorded the demo tape for "...The Competitive Edge" at home in my office, I fantasized that the upcoming studio production would feature a professional singer who sounds like Leon Redbone, perhaps, backed by a Dixieland jazz band.

The actual studio recording used in the video series features a singer who sounds something like Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong. And, hey, that's cool! Way cool! I wasn't disappointed.

I like to play with my words. For me, the craft of writing is always solitary work, but it can sometimes be tedious too. For an occasional diversion, I will create and hide private jokes, puns, or puzzles in my work. To this day, my clients at JIST Works probably still don't realize that there's an acrostic stitched neatly into the first verse of this song. Check out the first letter in each of the first four lines.

Read the lyrics below, skip to the Lead Sheet for the words and music, or listen to the homemade demo MP3 (as sung by me, not by the guy who kinda/sorta sounded Satchmo-esqe). —BD

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Come On, Buddy, Come Down from that Ledge,
'Cause Now You Can Have The Competitive Edge

Words and Music by David R. Lister

Job market competition
Is gonna put you to the test
So put yourself in a position
To rise above the rest

Oh, yes

Make some sound decisions
About the work you wanna do
Take the time to discover
What that work demands of you
Then assess your precious assets
If you still fill the bill
Arrange some interviews
And tell 'em all the news
Communicate your skills
Oh, yeah
Communicate your skills


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